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I’m Drq and I’m the leader of World of Warcraft Division of Circle of Nine . I would like to take some of your time and tell you what Circle of Nine is, what our goals and plans for the future are.

Circle of Nine or C9 is an International Multigaming community. It was established in 2002. You've probably seen the Circle Of Nine guild in many different games over the past 10 years but our first real success was starting C9 in Conan 6 years ago and the people responsible for that are the people that laid down the ground work and made it all possible. The Person who started it all is Danisz (Loki Haderach aka Hader). Few days later came Saraxos and Durbi (C9 AoC Leader) and people like Rhade, Roni, Zaakko and Gregu were the ones that kept it all together throughout the years. Then S4rax0s created Aion division and the success was overwhelming. We had about 80 active players and made it to be the first Polish and the 4th international guild in the world. When Roni started the Division of Guild Wars 2 it was just a small guild with amazing people inside and they took me in. I had a lot of plans, ideas and with my gaming experience I knew we could figure out something. After some tome I became the leader of GW2 Division and took in Ridafyt Whitestrike who I knew would be ideal to help me achieve the things I've imagined for us. So far Guild Wars 2 was our biggest success and no one could even imagine that we would be something else than just a guild but we want more, we want to be more, we want to offer more to other gamers...and so...

We're proud to say that our community is comprised of gamers of every color, creed and gender from all across the globe. Apart from the social side we focus on Quality Gaming which is very important. We want to represent the highest possible level of gaming in all games we play, as we always have. So in order to join our ranks you need to prove yourself. Activity, Manners and most importantly Skill is required from all our members.

What are our goals and plans for the future ?

We want to be a community that offers all gamers what they truly need. A place of discussion, merits and insight. We want to cover every aspect of every game we play, meaning: 
Patch coverage, game status, guides, run-throughs, let’s play, tricks, interviews with devs, cast tournaments, stream important events, interesting discussions with our guests and anything else you can think of that is connected to gaming!

Circle of Nine is going to stream our events each day. We will answer all questions posed to us on our forums (within reason guys! ;)). 

Our “Let’s play” division will add new videos on a weekly basis so if you guys have a game you would like us to play or play with us and being streamed and posted on our channel, just give us a shout. We will help if possible, failing that we promise to entertain!

We accept challenges in all games. Come and fight us !

Help us to create, be a part of the work, be a part of our gaming community.

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Free Circle of Nine Wallpapers: 

C9 - Meteorite
C9 - Future of Gaming
C9 - Shine
C9 - The Circle



See you out there!

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